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Orthodontics in Puerto de la Cruz


Oralbest offers a range of solutions that we customise to meet the individual needs of every patient who longs for a straighter smile.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with correcting anomalies and impairments resulting from the defective position of one or more teeth. In our clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments to correct malpositions of your teeth. Get the smile you have always wanted.

Types of orthodontics in Puerto de la Cruz

Metal Braces

This conventional orthodontic treatment is the best known thanks to its effectivity and affordability. Its application ensures both rows of teeth mesh perfectly.

Aesthetic Braces

This alternative differs from the conventional in that it is barely visible due to the application of materials such as porcelain and sapphire. It represent the perfect choice for those who place a premium on the aesthetics of the treatment

Invisible Braces

We also offer one of the most innovative orthodontic treatments. It is based on transparent rails which the patient can remove to eat or perform daily oral hygiene. The focus of this treatment is your comfort and your aesthetics.

Self-adhesive Braces

This system is also known as Damon orthodontics. In contrast to the conventional model, this device does not feature elastic rubber elements. Instead, the forces of the brace act directly on the tooth arc.

Interior Braces

The distinctive feature of this technique is that the braces are cemented to the inside of the tooth arc, i.e. near the tongue. It therefore represents the most discreet of all orthodontic treatments.

Do you need orthodontic treatment?

In order to find out if an othodontic treatment is advisable in your case, you should visit us at our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz. This way, our team of experts can perform a personalised analysis to identify the specific problems in your oral cavity that can be addressed with an orthodontic treatment.

The advantages of orthodontics by Oralbest

Orthodontics not only improves the aesthetic appearance of your teeth but also helps you regain functionality, such that possible future complications are avoided.

Patients who have undergone our orthodontic treatments confirm that their well-being and self-esteem has improved. This goes to show how important it is to treat any oral aberration or distress: they can also impact your general state of health!

At what age can you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment?

It is time to dispel the myth that othodontics is limited to pediatric care. Oralbest’s patients come to us from infancy through adulthood. Of course, we do recommend that you take advantage of this type of treatment as early as possible.

If you want us to help you achieve a healthy, straightened smile, come visit us!

Oral Cavity Scanner

When a patient opts for orthodontic treatment, the first step is a thorough study. To this end, the geometry of your teeth must be surveyed.

In order to chart the patient’s oral cavity, Oralbest uses the most advanced technology. This permits the most precise, safest, most comfortable and fastest process.

The oral cavity scanner is a latest-generation tool for surveying the patient’s mouth digitally and in three dimensions. The device features a locator pen with a built-in camera for taking images of the entire oral cavity. Our software then integrates these into a three-dimensional computer model in real time and displays that on a monitor.

In this manner, all imperfections can be identified and an orthodontic treatment plan for tooth malpositions and incomplete denture meshing developed.

The oral cavity scanner replaces traditional imprint techniques that caused most patients discomfort.

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Our clinic is focussed on outstanding dentistry that meets the highest standards. This is about your health and we treat it with the respect it deserves.


We employ leading brands to obtain the most durable, secure and highest quality results in all our treatments.


Over the course of 20 years, we have improved the smile and quality of life of thousands of patients. You could be next!

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