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Oral Rehabilitation in Puerto de la Cruz


Oral rehabilitation is the branch of dentistry focussed on diagnosing the patient’s problem and creating a specific treatment plan to restore the aesthetics and functionality of his oral cavity.

This approach is typically employed for patients who have suffered damage to teeth or mandibular tissue. In our clinic in Puerto de la Cruz we apply a variety of high quality, biocompatible and secure materials to repair and restore their teeth.

Does one of your teeth require rehabilitation?

The following are the principal reasons, why a patient should seek an oral rehabilitation treatment at Oralbest:

  • Deep caries: If this pathology is severe and affects the dental nerve, a root canal a.k.a. endodontic procedure must be performed. Afterwards, the tooth must be reconstructed via oral rehabilitation.
  • Broken teeth: Certain dental afflictions, such as bruxism (nocturnal grinding) and trauma, can cause the tooth enamel to crack, such that oral rehabilitation treatment in our clinic in Puerto de la Cruz becomes necessary.
  • Tooth loss: This is the most complex case but it occurs more often than is widely believed. In such a case, we offer dental prosthetics and dental implants as rehabilitation treatments.
  • Denture anomalies: This refers to changes in the upper and/or lower jaw that cause facial distortions for which oral rehabilitation may also be a good treatment option.

Oral Rehabilitation treatments in Puerto de la Cruz

In our dental clinic we perform oral rehabilitation treatments in Puerto de la Cruz. </ Strong> The most frequent in these cases are the following:

  • Fixed and removable dental prosthetics
  • Implant-supported dental prosthetics
  • Aesthetic veneers
  • Tooth whitening

On the basis of the specific requirements of each patient, our team of dentists decides which oral rehabilitation technique is the most appropriate in each case. If you wish to change your smile and regain both its aesthetic and its functionality, we stand ready for you at our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz.

CAD/CAM Technology

CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) are the most innovative technologies in dentistry, representing a major advance. Our latest generation system enables the highest precision in the design and placement of dental implants.

First, this tool scans the patient’s oral cavity and produces a three-dimensional digital model. This process is much faster and simpler than traditional methods of measurement based on silicone imprints.

Then, the scan results are processed by software to produce a bespoke prothesis that reflects the patient’s characteristics and requirements perfectly.

CAD/CAM technology enables extreme precision in both diagnosis and placement of implants, which increases the success rate of our results. Moreover, the intended surgical procedure can be simulated prior to implementation.

At Oralbest, we always strive to offer treatments of the highest quality. The CAD/CAM System helps us deliver an excellent service in relation to the placement of dental implants. Come see us for a consultation!

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