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General dentistry comprises the techniques and procedures designed to preserve your teeth in prime condition such that treatments of oral pathologies can be avoided or simplified.

In our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, we employ a large team of professionals dedicated to caring for your smile. To that end, we make an exclusive, personalised diagnosis and identify your requirements on that basis before we define a treatment plan.

Which ailments are most commonly treated in general dentistry?

In general, caries is the pathology that afflicts the largest number of patients and also the most common in the world.

Caries is caused by microorganisms and bacteria that nestle in the tooth enamel, leading to slow but steady tooth demineralisation.

This is why it is imperative to treat this affliction early in order to avoid the progression of the infection to the dental nerve, which can lead to more severe complications and ultimately, tooth loss.

Every day, we also help our patients avoid oral pathologies via prevention. Most complications can be avoided if you acquire hygiene routines that maintain your smile and protect your teeth and gums. Our dentist will gladly show you how to brush you your teeth and how to use certain necessary devices correctly such that you can develop healthy habits.

Request an appointment at our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz to receive your initial diagnosis and a bespoke treatment plan. We will do whatever it takes to let you keep your smile beautiful and healthy!

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