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Endodontics let our team of professionals prevent the loss of your teeth. The goal of this dental treatment is the guaranteed preservation of your natural teeth in the oral cavity in their best possible condition. Our dentists in Puerto de la Cruz will help you achieve this goal.


Do you require endodontic treatment?

At Oralbest we recommend endodontic treatment if the innermost part of a tooth – the pulp – is severely damaged by deep caries or trauma.

Before this situation arises, advance indications such as sensitivity and mild pain typically appear. Other symptoms include swelling and the discolouration of tooth enamel.

How does Oralbest implement the treatment?

Our core objective is treating the damaged tooth to avoid its extraction. Local anaesthesia will ensure you feel no pain during the procedure and as little as possible afterwards. Next, our dentist will remove any dental tissue and pulp affected by caries before cleaning the affected root canal or canals.

Finally, die pulp cavity is sealed and filled with an inert material. This prevents the pain from returning and also renewed bacterial infection, such that the tooth can remain in the oral cavity.

At Oralbest, we are passionate about giving you a natural, confident smile. If you need endodontic treatment, you will be in good hands here. Request your appointment right away!

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