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Dental Aesthetics in Puerto de la Cruz


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Everyday, our patients tell us they seek not only oral health but also an aesthetic smile.

Dental Aesthetics Treatments in Puerto de la Cruz

Dental aesthetics achieves the correction of small and large defects in the patient’s teeth. The range from cracks and internal or superficial discolourations to problems related to the size or shape of the teeth.

Our procedures are safe and completely pain-free. Moreover, the results are visible from the first session on.

At Oralbest, we will analyse your case in depth so we can offer you the most appropriate options for what you demand of your smile.

Tooth Whitening

In recent years, tooth whitening in Puerto de la Cruz has become one of the treatments that most excite our patients. It reduces the natural colour saturation of your teeth by a few shades, permanently making them appear whiter and more brilliant.

The procedure can usually be applied in a single session. First, a whitening gel is applied to a rail that adapts to your tooth arc. This is then activated by the energy of one of several types of light sources.

The treatment in our clinic may be supplemented by a separate one at the patient’s residence, provided your expert dentist advises you accordingly.


In selected specific cases, our veneers in Puerto de la Cruz represent the most aesthetic alternative, given that they can resolve problems such as tooth gaps and discolourations. It also lets us redesign your smile so you can obtain a completely harmonious face.

This treatment consists of the application of veneers to the external, visible face of your teeth using adhesive. Your teeth will appear immaculate and white. The veneers are typically fashioned from porcelain, composites or lithium bisilicate. Depending on your preference and requirements, we will select the appropriate type for you.

In addition, we produce porcelain inlays and dental crowns that restore molars after deep caries or root canal treatments.

During your initial consultation in our centre, our expert dentists in dental aesthetics will assess the condition of your teeth and recommend the treatment that is most appropriate in your case. We will address all of your concerns and ensure your smile will beam more beautifully and whiter than ever before.

Have you decided to come visit us? We look forward to meeting you!

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