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Oralbest is a dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) focussed on providing oral health care for the whole family. Established 20 years ago, we offer a wide gamut of treatments in all disciplines of dentistry, delivered by highly trained professionals whose work represents the latest medical advances.

Starting with a 100% certain diagnosis is essential in our medical work, therefore we rely on the most advanced technology. Our dental professionals perform an exhaustive analysis of each case that comes before us while ensuring the comfort and security of the patient. Of the available alternatives, we select the safest, fastest, gentlest and most effective, based on the highest quality materials.

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CAD/CAM Scanner

In dentistry, achieving excellent results requires highly precise workmanship. We apply CAD/CAM technology to assist us in this effort. This system is used to design and manufacture prosthetics. This strategy yields an exact digital model of the patient’s oral cavity, permitting us to develop and apply highly precise procedures for the high quality placement of dental implants, prosthetics and Zahnverblendungen.

Oral cavity scanner

This technology allows us to take three-dimensional digital images of the patient’s oral cavity in a comfortable and fast procedure. Among other uses, the instrument helps us plan dental procedures, visualise caries between adjacent teeth and identify weakened tooth structures. It represents a great technological advance that assists in the communication between doctor and patient.

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