Astute Legal Definition

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The astute judge had no witnesses, so he cheated on himself and his wife because his will was worthless. The two astute gentlemen saw the situation and their concerns subsided. This is where the legally wise resolution of legal disputes by executives and managers comes into play. They played the fools in the tragedy, although Shakespeare`s fools were rather astute. Intelligent, astute, astute, astute means clever in perception and solid in judgment. Klug emphasizes practical and stubborn wisdom and judgment. A wise judge of sixty character suggests wisdom, penetration, and foresight. Smart investors have stepped in on the ground floor, implying an unusual power to see through and understand what is enigmatic or hidden. A shrewd counselor cleverly saw through the child`s facade, suggesting wisdom, insight, and diplomatic skill. A clever actor in partisan politics The letter was not signed, but the writing was that of my astute agent Sander. At that time, they showed this clever and patient Machiavellian policy that eventually led to their triumph. His clever détente diplomacy with the Soviet Union, which is trying to make the world a safer place, gets high marks.

My colleague Laura Bradley shared with me a clever observation. Kjartansson is a shrewd artist, his collaborators include some of Iceland`s most talented and creative composers and musicians. Sunday`s World Cup final has the smartest football experts and enthusiastic bookmakers determining their chances of winning. According to Bagley, legally wise managers understand that «any dispute is a business problem that requires a business solution.» It makes me smile because my first mentor in mediation, the late great Richard Millen, told me that «people don`t have legal problems. Only lawyers have legal problems. People have problems with justice issues. Of course, the same goes for business. Companies have business problems that are sometimes fraught with legal problems. The two main reasons for misunderstandings between lawyer and client are the concept of legal relevance and the company`s decisions to keep the litigant in the dark about the settlement strategy. In her working paper Winning Legally: The Value of Legal Astuteness, Constance E. Bagley, a professor at the Yale School of Management, postulates that «legal acumen» — the ability of senior management to communicate effectively and work with lawyers to solve complex problems — is a valuable dynamic skill. First, let`s talk about relevance.

We lawyers leave law school with blinders. We have just spent three whole years being terrorized by our professors, seeking and discussing only the legally relevant facts of a dispute. These are the facts necessary to fulfill the elements of a claim, for example, for breach of contract: promise, consideration, non-performance, causation and damages, or the requirements of an affirmative defense: impossibility of performance, for example. This collection shows you how complex, funny and clever it was from the beginning. Britannica English: Translation of clever for Arabic speakers These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word «clever». The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. As a teenager, I was able to read intelligent and musically astute reviews in many magazines and newspapers. Enter the Taj Group with its astute understanding of the needs of the rich and travelers. Hardened to received wisdom, this conjecture is now repeated even by astute contemporary observers.

We lawyers are not solely responsible for this misunderstanding. You`re doing too much to your litigants and not making sure we hear what we need to understand most – the existence of business solutions to the business problem whose legal problem has led your business to your local courthouse, your managers in testimony, and your employees in a historical document capture machine. A pause, the least in the world, but the sharp eye of the astute lawyer noticed it, and his tone increased in gravity and safety. Mujahid was also astute when it came to optics – a TV interview with a Taliban official was moderated by a journalist. «Astute.» dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 2 October 2022. Often, you don`t even know that you`re holding back and turning to the judicial authorities when the main authority for your business needs is you. And you are not blameless. I can`t tell you how many executives in my role as mediator have told me that they deliberately deny their settlement strategy to litigation and litigation lawyers because they need their lawyers to focus on winning.

Bagley asks smart managers to listen to legal advice, but not to be too respectful of their lawyers, pointing out what all executives now surely know that «litigation is a `zero-sum game`, with a clear winner and loser,» leaving few opportunities for inclusive negotiations. «Legally smart» executives, she points out, «take responsibility for managing their disputes and don`t entrust them to their lawyers with a `you care about it` approach. Yesterday I wrote about the misconceptions we have when we talk with each other – especially when one of us makes a technical case and the other a passionate narrative case. Now that I help lawyers settle business disputes for a living or adjudicate their disputes with their clients while settling AAA fee cases, I know better than anyone how deep the misunderstandings between lawyers and their clients are. How to use litigation as an opportunity to close a deal later this week. * Note to Occidental, you need another woman on your board to get the final effect of three female board members. Accept the advice of Occidental Petroleum`s general counsel.* At a rain seminar where he spoke with the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, he said, «You don`t understand. I do not care about the law.

That`s your job. I take care of my business and you should do it too. If you`re in my office and you talk more than 50% of the time, you won`t be my lawyers tomorrow. «The client, who hadn`t moved a muscle since the beginning of this exchange, breathed a sigh of relief and said, `Thank you very much. I have been saying this for two years and no one has ever recognized it before. A good idea perhaps, but not a good idea, because everyone knows that the case is 90% more likely to be settled than otherwise. Your lawyer is not a yutz with ears. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve asked managing partners to give me more employees to handle a case with potential liability amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. «Because the first thing your client told me was that failure wasn`t an option here today. He is broke. He is approaching retirement. He is beaten.

He can`t sleep at night. He needs me to get the best deal possible, and then he has to go on vacation urgently. There are two reasons for this, and all business people should be aware of this in order to take on the challenge of forming a more successful alliance with Counsel. We were at the tenth hour of a multi-party mediation convened to settle a million-dollar copyright dispute between three Los Angeles garments. The defence lawyer for the accused showed just indignation to my advantage. He packed his bags and was annoyed by the bad faith of the other parties and the waste of time that had been the mediation. «I don`t think it`s a good idea,» I replied in the calm, slow, patient tone you use with overstimulated children and frightened animals. I don`t highly recommend this negotiating tactic, but I do see it often.

«We`re leaving,» the lawyer shouted, gesticulating that his client should follow. We listen to you, but we don`t hear your whole story. And the whole story contains the seeds of a negotiated solution. «Relevant facts» contain only the information necessary to win.