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For non-profit associations, the relevant special laws apply. (Art. 2687 BGB) Civil society is governed by the German Civil Code in the Fourth Code of Obligations, in the eleventh title of associations and companies. Therefore, at Cofide, we have developed the course «Legal, Tax and Labour Law Treatment of Companies and Civil Society Associations» to learn more about the creation and operation of a CA in order to take advantage of its benefits and avoid sanctions. Article 2685.- Associations expire in addition to the causes provided for by the statutes: I. With the approval of the General Assembly; II. to have fulfilled the term fixed for its duration or to have fully attained the purpose of the foundation; III. Because they have become incapable of achieving the purpose for which they were founded; IV. By decision of a competent authority.

Companies and civil associations have a number of legal obligations and obligations established by the Mexican law on tax treatment related to the declaration and payment of taxes. (b) Representation of its members before national or foreign authorities and associations associated with it inside and outside the Republic, if deemed necessary to protect the interests of the Association or its members. The contract of civil partnerships must be registered in the register of civil partnerships. For this reason, any civil society organization, whether it is a company or an association, and whatever the activity it carries out, needs professionals in its fields of legal and administrative advice who are familiar with the laws relating to the tax and labour obligations they must comply with. Civil partnerships are governed by the Civil Code by its Title Eleventh It should be borne in mind that it depends on the activities of civil companies or associations whether taxes are paid or not, and that the Income Tax Act provides for different specifications on how and when these taxes are applied. Article 2674.- The supreme authority of associations is the General Assembly. The director or directors of them shall have the powers conferred on them by the Statutes and the General Assembly, subject to such documents. In addition to these types of entities, there are also civil societies and associations that, although they operate in a very similar way, have different principles and therefore have different treatment.

What are the benefits, tax rights and obligations of labour law and the law? What are the requirements for founding a civil association and how do they differ from a civil society? When is it more convenient to become a CA? To answer these questions, it is necessary to approach the tax system of civil associations. Article 2673.- Associations are subject to their statutes, which must be registered in the public register in order to have effects vis-à-vis a third party. With regard to all that is discussed above, COFIDE will lead the course «Legal, tax and labour law treatment of companies and civil society associations» on January 17 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. In addition, civil companies and associations may apply to the tax administration for a special permit to receive deductible donations from the ESR, for certain activities such as: In the case of civil companies or associations that have income from activities of sale of assets other than those of the company, or provide services to persons other than their members or associates, if they are taken into account for the payment of SRI. This course is aimed at lawyers, accountants, administrators, accounting assistants, administrative assistants and others involved in the legal, tax and labour law procedures of companies and civil associations. Mexico has a wide repertoire of legal regulations concerning taxes, their control and their working environment. This type of authorization is very useful and greatly encourages associations or civil partnerships to receive resources that allow them to develop their activity, while having the advantage of making a tax effect deductible for people who make these donations. The activities carried out by (for-profit) enterprises and (non-profit) associations are financed by the State in accordance with the Federal Act on the Promotion of the Activities of Civil Society Organizations, which may also be eligible for State funding or sponsorship programmes or exempt from the payment of certain taxes. This course aims to make participants aware of the tax system established in the Mexican legal framework, in particular with regard to the issue of CSR (income tax), value added tax (VAT). In the case of civil partnerships, the group of persons who compose it presents them because they want to carry out a legitimate economic activity that brings an economic advantage.

Associations and civil societies have in common that both are organizations composed of groups of people who have the same interest, who have a beginning. Article 2685 Associations expire in addition to the causes provided for in the statutes: in civil partnerships, the partners who manage them guarantee the performance of subsidiary, solidary and indefinite social obligations. Unless otherwise agreed, other partners are only required to pay their contributions. On the other hand, these people have joined forces in clubs not in search of economic benefits, but to promote a charitable purpose, which can be sport, culture, religion or social welfare. These clubs do not make profits, they can only have increases in assets that must be invested to achieve their social goals. Whether it is a neighbourhood group, a cultural, ecological or educational group, a sports club or a social welfare institution, its most legally practical character is that of AC. The assets of citizens` associations consist of shareholders` contributions and assets (assets and rights) of an economic nature that the association acquires by all legal means and on the basis of its obligations. Article 2726.- As soon as the company is dissolved, it is immediately put into liquidation, which is practiced within six months, unless otherwise agreed. If the company is in liquidation, the words must be added to its name: in liquidation. Article 2734.- If, at the end of the society in which there are capitalist and industrial partners, it turns out that there were no profits, all capital is distributed among the capitalist partners. Article 2750.- At the conclusion of the partial lease, the tenant who has faithfully fulfilled his obligations enjoys the right to both if the land he has cultivated is given in a new partial lease. Article 2717.- The commitments made by the majority of the partners responsible for the administration without the knowledge of the minority or against their express will are valid; But those who infected them will be personally liable to society for the damage they cause.

`The managing partners shall exercise the powers necessary for the transformation and development of the undertakings which are the object of the company; However, unless otherwise agreed, they require the express consent of the other partners: Article 2705.- The partners may not assign their rights without the prior and unanimous consent of the other co-partners; and without them, no other new partner may be admitted, unless otherwise agreed in both cases. Their obligations with regard to the Income Tax Act and the payment of VAT, as well as the obligations imposed on them by the Federal Labour Act. This means that in order to demand the liability of the partners individually, the legal person must have been previously requested, i.e. the assets of the company must first have been liquidated, and then the private assets of the partners must be performed for the payment of the obligations. For the contract of this company, it is necessary that it be written in writing. It must contain: the surnames and first names of the licensors, which may be binding, the name of the company, the purpose of the company, the amount of the capital and the contribution of each partner. It must be registered in the Register of Civil Partnerships. Any modification requires the consent of others. According to LISR, your status allows you to receive donations, for which you must submit the documents required by the tax authorities to the tax administration service. Article 2741.- The agricultural partial lease takes place when a person gives another person a rustic property to cultivate in order to distribute the fruits in the form in which he has agreed, or in the absence of agreement, in accordance with the customs of the place; in the concept that the tenant can never return less than 40% of the harvest for his work alone.